Back in the day (well 2004-2007 to be precise), we used to have a website called www.ictgcse.com up and running. However, the site fell by the wayside in 2007 as the creators all went their separate ways. However, I still get requests for some of the old posters and flash movies that were on the site. So I have compiled the best bits here and it has nearly brought a tear to my eye in doing so! If you ever want to take a look at an old website and how it looked many years ago you can do so with www.waybackmachine.org, that's how I managed to resurrect the content on this page.

Posters - right click the image and "save link/target as...." to get the swf file which can be blown up to any size to print

cma.fw    dpa    copy   sit.fw   rights

Networking movies - click to launch in new window

 bus   ring    star  
bus network   ring network   star network  

Other flash movies...

 datalog   cc    email
 datalogging    computer control   how email works


hangman    penalty    deal 
 Hangman    penalty shootout   deal or no deal