Now let's be honest a newspaper is just a bunch of pictures and some text, so there is no reason why students at a secondary school should not be able to produce something that actually looks like a real newspaper. Hopefully the videos below should help students step up their game a bit. I have added a couple of graphics that you can use to get yourself going and to use for reference purposes!! click on the images below to launch the larger versions. 

This exercise has now been updated for 2021 and uses Publisher and Photopea

The Mail on Sunday   real front cover mail 

vid 1 - setting out our page size

vid 2 - working with text

vid 3 - more in our header, grouping and the "dog in the box"

vid 4 - images and photopea

vid 5 - adding a headline, line spacing and kearning

vid 6 - linking text boxes

vid 7 - finishing touches