Lots of Flash tutorials to show how to make a fabulous animated banner that links to a website. Motion tweening, shape tweening, movie clips,easing and action-script all included. All done in Flash MX but easily enough adapted for any of the later versions of Flash. Should keep your average student busy for 2-3 hours and they should be able to make something a bit better than the exemplar below that is made during the build itself.


cone  vid 1 - owl and eyes movie clip   cone  vid 9 - shape tween a string
cone  vid 2 - cat and tail movie clip   cone  vid 10 - moving the cat
cone  vid 3 - dog and feet movie clip   cone  vid 11 - lots of dogs
cone  vid 4 - sheep and legs movie clip   cone  vid 12 - completed animation
cone  vid 5 - adding a background   cone  vid 13 - here comes a bear
cone  vid 6 - moving the owl   cone  vid 14 - moving the bear
cone  vid 7 - owl and background   cone  vid 15 - a little actionscript
cone  vid 8 - sheep running   cone  vid 16 - restart button actionscript