To be truthful this one is a couple of years old, but it's still good. You could probabaly just use nowadays to take the background out around the player you have chosen which would speed thigns up a bit!

Not going to update this for FIFA 20 or FIFA 21 as I just don't like the new covers, the old skool stuff from 'back in the day' makes for better looking covers in my opinion.

vid 1 - case size

vid 2 - eraser

vid 3 - lasso

vid 4 - resize

vid 5 - adding a stand in the background

vid 6 - blur tool

vid 7 - getting the widths right

vid 8 - using shapes

vid 9 - adding the PS4 logo

vid 10 - FIFA text

vid 11 - adding a border to text

vid 12 - other techniques