I think over the years this is probably my favourite of all exercises, all you have to do is get a picture of a famous person, drop them into flash, add a layer and then use just a couple of drawing tools to make a picture in the style of Julian Opie, here are some examples of his sort of work that would give you something to judge your own efforts by. It's pretty easy once you get going......


I will get round to redoing the video at some point, Alistair Darling is hardly a hot topic of conversation now (you kids have no idea who he is...). Also this video is for Flash MX, principles are the same for all versions of Flash though... Sorry about lack of controls as I only have the swf file for it so you can't pause this one, I promise I will redo it shortly

cone  Julian Opie in Flash tutorial using Flash MX 
cone Julian Opie in Flash tutorial using Flash CC 2014