Scratch 3.0 Tutorials

These videos are created using Scratch 3.0 and we are confident that there is nothing out there on the Internet to touch them in terms of learning.

These are not simple watch and repeat style videos that you find on YouTube channels and other websites. Each video will set a task to do in each game build and the student can either have a go at the task themselves, or if they get stuck then they can get some help from the solution video. Your students have to work things out for themselves and not just blindly follow a video and learn very little. Each game build has a final video that identifies a number of extension tasks that could be undertaken to stretch your more able students.

My apologies for the theme music at the start of each video, seemed like a good idea at the time. So I am sorry if it eats into your brain, it's a bit like what happens after you go on the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney.

whackamole    webcam    shark   breakout
 Whack a Mole chillismall15    Webcam fun chillismall15chillismall15   Hungry shark chillismall15chillismall15   Atari Breakout chillismall15chillismall15chillismall15