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10 March 2021 - So the big day is here and we finally released a fancy new Scratch 3.0 tutorial app and even better news is that it is compeltely free too. 4 game builds, "breakout", "whack-a-mole", "fish and shark" and a webcam game. Easily the best tutorials I have made in over 20 years of doing this.

Warning we put our own theme tune onto each video and it's going to eat into your brain in the same way the "it's a small world" ride does at Disney. Sorry about that, but the videos are really very good. 

For Apple click here. Android can be found here.

If you want the version on iOS without those anoying adverts then click here.


Python for Beginners is a lovely little app to get you going with some python programming. Some simple exercise builds with fabulous tutorials that will make you think rather than simply copy what you see, as you willl do with other YouTube type videos tutorials. This app has had some wonderful, genuine reviews over the years, like this one

"This series of videos is the antithesis of every other traditional learning method. While most other established Python tutorials attempt to force feed you the information, this app managed to actively engage you with the code and inspires you to struggle to compose the code on your own"

Available on Apple here and on Android here



"Scratch 2 games" brings you a whole bunch of video tutorials to get you going making your own games in Scratch 2.0. This are not the sort of standard tutorials that you find on the web. During the videos you will be set tasks to do in Scratch and hopefully you will be able to complete them on your own. However don't worry the next video in each project will show you how to complete the task!!

For Apple click here


This app is aimed at KS2 and KS3 students and is a gentle introduction into Scratch 2.0. Featuring 7 different activities and loads of material it's the perfect way to get your kids going.

Even better news its that it is completely free on Android and can be found here

It's also available on iOS here and there is a free version too that has a
good few samples of what the bigger app contains here





This app introduces complete beginners to getting their heads around how to get started with MIT's App Inventor 2. There are 5 app builds in this app, 2 simple ones to get the user used to the interface itself, whilst the other 3 go into far more depth to build a couple of simple games and a painting type app. These are not simple "watch and repeat" screencasts, the learner will be set tasks to compelte and should they find it a bit tough then there is a solution video to make sure they get to the end of the app build.

Available on Apple here