First of all pop off to this website Now you are going to make some top trump cards and this will take 2 or 3 lessons to do. The subject of your top trumps cards is up to you, but as doppelme lets you make avatars of people then it's best to do cards about people. You can run with football players, teachers at your school (my favourite but nothing offensive please), rugby players, actors from soap operas, we shall let you choose. At doppelme create 10 avatars of people and save them all in your folder you have just made. 

Another website you can use to create avatars is South Park Studio which is what I use in Vid 1 - make some avatar below, but to be honest the doppelme site is probably better.

## top tip with doppelme, don't sign up, just make an avatar and
when it is ready just right click and save the picture##

cone   Vid 1 - make some avatars
cone  Vid 2 - making tables
cone  Vid 3 - validation
cone  Vid 4 - forms
cone  Vid 5 - reports