OK lets have some fun with PowerPoint, the thing is if you can do a little bit of coding you can do some really fancy stuff inside it. In these videos you will learn how you can create a quiz that actually keeps scores, let's you put in user names, has multiple choice questions, typed answer questions and even shows you you to trigger pop up message boxes and calculate percentage scores. All in PowerPoint, I know it really does sound to good to be true...

These videos are made in an old version of PowerPoint but in fact nothing has really changed apart from in the new version of PowerPoint you need to press the alt key and F11 at the same time to get into the VB editor. Does not work in PowerPoint 365, no code for you in the chopped back online version.

cone altglass 2  Video 1 - Creating a message box and triggering the next slide
cone altglass 2  Video 2 - Entering the user name
cone altglass 2  Video 3 - Getting the right answer
cone altglass 2  Video 4 - Getting the wrong answer
cone altglass 2  Video 5 - Working with percentages
cone altglass 2  Video 6 - Multiple wrong answers and rounding
cone altglass 2  Video 7 - Typed answers