Just Basic is probably the easiest "in" to programming that I have come accross. The videos below are about 3 hours worth of screencasts to get you going with the software. There are lots and lots of different little exercises and chalenges to do, it's not just one great big build. Before you wade into the actual screencasts you will need to ensure you download the zip file that has 4 .bas files in it, these will be needed for the little challenges that I set throughout the videos.

download  bas zip files 
cone  Vid 1 - Price and VAT
cone  Vid 2 - Help message
cone  Vid 3 - Strings
cone  Vid 4 - Conditional loop
cone  Vid 5 - Commenting
cone  Vid 6 - Hi Lo game
cone  Vid 7 - Couple of extras...
cone  Vid 8 - Playing with formatting
cone  Vid 9 - Arrays
cone  Vid 10 - Arrays challenge
cone  Vid 11 - For Next loop
cone  Vid 12 - For Next challenge
cone  Vid 13 - Our first window
cone  Vid 14 - Add a text box
cone  Vid 15 - Window challenge
cone   Vid 16 - Hi Lo with notice prompt
cone   Vid 17 - Hi Lo in a form
cone   Vid 18 - LOGO and a square
cone  Vid 19 - Adding more shapes
cone  Vid 20 - Adding colours